What’s The inner circle?

Fishotopia Is The Online Home Of Starlo & Jo, Australia’s Best-Loved Fishing Couple. It’s Also The Most Entertaining & Informative Online Hangout For Aussie Anglers. If You Can’t Be Fishing, Fishotopia Is The Next Best Thing.

Fishotopia’s public access portals provide a convenient “casting deck” into the broad range of touch-points, services and information offered by Starlo and Jo across the internet. Staying connected with them all will help you reach the top of your fishing  game and become one of those “10 per centers” who catch 90 per cent of the fish.

But there is SO much more unbelievable fishing intel and content, hidden away behind the Membership Login.

Premium Membership gives you quick access to angler insights, information and like minds that will enhance your fishing experiences — as well as discounts in the Fishotopia shop.

Only Premium Members gain access to Starlo’s Inner Circle, where they can join our exclusive social network (and chat directly with Starlo, Jo and their guests) and receive exclusive invitations to Inner Circle events.


You read correctly… the only way to benefit from genuine two-way communication with Starlo that goes deeper than “generic” is through his Inner Circle! This allows him to focus his attention entirely on those like-minded fishos who genuinely value his decades of research, experience and success.

If you’re a serious angler… possibly even an addicted angler (like Starlo & Jo), then you belong in Starlo’s Inner Circle!

Members of this exclusive community are committed to becoming the “one percenters”. As such, they enjoy direct access to Starlo (and each other) through a totally private social forum that has become the “thinking anglers’ meeting place”.

But that’s just the beginning. As part of Starlo’s Inner Circle, you also have full access to a growing library of “Tight Lines” magazines — the incredibly detailed and immersive how-to features otherwise available for individual purchase — AND you receive personal invitations to members-only events and get-togethers, as well as news of deals and new releases before they’re made public… PLUS opportunistic, ad-hoc web events that no-one outside the group can access.

Membership to Starlo’s Inner Circle is, without question, the best way to fast-track your fishing success… it’s like having Starlo and Jo standing right beside you every time you cast a line!

The ideas and the shared information have refuelled my fire for fishing in the last few months, which I squarely blame on you guys. No deflection. No excuses taken. When I signed up, I had my wife whinging at me… “what did you buy now?” I’ve since had her say “best damn lure you ever bought!”

All I can say is THANK YOU, all my fellow members. I haven’t been looking forward to — or planned so extensively for — a fishing trip for ten years!

James Reeve

Inner Circle member