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Wild About Bass issue Tight Lines Magazine

WILD ABOUT BASS — finding and catching Aussie bass in rivers

In this eBook, Starlo offers up everything you need to know about finding and catching “wild” Aussie bass in creeks and rivers — all the way from southern Queensland to eastern Victoria — plus plenty of great info’ on the closely-related estuary perch. A treasure trove of information for bass and perch fans based on half a century of on-water experience.

98 pages

MULLOWAY MANIA — how to catch jewfish on lures

In direct response to the huge demand for more nitty-gritty info’ about targeting jewies on lures (soft and hard) — especially during daylight hours — Starlo shares a lifetime of learning in this exposé, written for all you jewie nuts (and budding jewie nuts) out there! Learn plenty and increase your strike rate on these challenging fish.

34 pages

ON GOLDEN PONDS — catching yellowbelly in dams

Starlo explains exactly how, when and where to successfully target trophy golden perch or yellowbelly in our dams and lakes using baits, lures and flies. If you fish in Australia’s inland impoundments, or would like to, this book is absolutely essential reading.

111 pages

CHASING UNICORNS — targeting BIG flathead in shallow water

Starlo lifts the lid on what could well be the hottest technique yet developed for catching over-sized dusky flathead on lures in skinny water… if you chase big lizards, or you’d like to, you simply can’t afford NOT to read this one!

34 pages