Why sign up to Fishotopia?

With so much free content on the interwebs, why on earth would you consider forking out half a beer a month for access to Starlo & Jo’s stuff? Fair question — especially if you love a beer as much as we do! We believe it’s worth the sacrifice, however, and here’s why…



Private online social network of passionate anglers.


Engaging, quality fishing entertainment.


No more wasted time combing the internet for reliable intel.


Tips & Tricks for even the most advanced angler.


Exclusive access to Starlo online (yep, he doesn’t answer Facebook messages & questions any more).


Techniques to give you the edge over your mates & other anglers.


Unrivalled destination information to help you explore Australia’s fishing opportunities.


Family activities to inspire everyone to share the Australian fishing lifestyle.


Exclusive recipes to maximise your hook-to-plate experiences.


Confidence-boosting support for first-time fishing mentors, whether you’re taking your family, friends or workmates out.


No holds-barred information from Australia’s favourite fishing expert and his brains trust of mates.


Members-only discounts in the Fishotopia Shop.


Exclusive invitations to Members-only events (yep, with Starlo!).


Knowledge that your subscription directly supports Starlo & Jo’s work as ambassadors, advocates, influencers and educators for the recreational fishing industry.



Bringing back the quality

Our surveys of Aussie anglers show that, whilst the plethora of fishing videos and commentary freely available is appreciated and consumed willingly, passionate fishos crave fishing entertainment and enlightenment like we enjoyed in “the good ol’ days” — less logos, more genuine information, and some bloody good yarns thrown in for good measure!

It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, but it’s also not as easy as the professionals make it look. If it were, there’d be more quality “fishertainment” out there!

In the Fisho’s Lounge (the audio-visual hang-out enjoyed by Starlo’s Inner Circle), you’ll be able to kick back and watch quality fishing videos that are not available anywhere else. In the Starlo Gets Reel channel, you’ll find an ever-growing library of on-the-water how-to’s, and you can also enjoy “A Beer With Starlo” — a video and podcast series of interviews with specialists from all sections of the recreational fishing world.

The Lounge itself is well worth your investment, but there’s so much more juicy, useful info and assets in Fishotopia’s exclusive knowledge bank. Imagine having access to detailed location information — not your standard GPS marks and some pics, but details allowing you to understand the location, interpret the surroundings and successfully explore to find fish… that’s the fun of a new spot, right?

The ideas and the shared information have refuelled my fire for fishing in the last few months, which I squarely blame on you guys. No deflection. No excuses taken. When I signed up, I had my wife whinging at me… “what did you buy now?” I’ve since had her say “best damn $55 lure you ever bought!”

All I can say is THANK YOU, all my fellow members. I haven’t been looking forward to — or planned so extensively for — a fishing trip for ten years!

James Reeve

Inner Circle member

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“A Beer With Starlo”

… only available in the Fisho’s Lounge.

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YES, Unique Location & Trip Planning Information For The Travelling Angler

Possibly the most valuable gems hidden in this cavern of knowledge are the Fishotopia signature fish calendars. You’ll discover these at each Honey Holes & Hotspot page, showing you the seasonal catch-ability of each popular species in that area. The calendars are inspired by the ingenious way our Indigenous people represent their seasons, being cyclic, not linear.

Our calendars allow you to pick the best time of year to fish at the locations, depending on the species you prize most… or when to go for your best hit at all of them!

Our Honey Holes & Hotspots section is designed to allow you to explore further afield with greater confidence. Locations are selected from all over Australia, with more tipping in regularly (and including feedback from members like yourself), building what will soon be one of Australia’s greatest outdoor travelling resources.

Visiting new waters armed with this kind of information is a game-changer. Premium members of Fishotopia can plan expensive fishing trips with far greater confidence. Even international anglers have more control over their trip planning than they’ve ever had before!

“What about my home patch?” we hear you ask…

Fishotopia is a brilliant concept with a legitimately exciting future. Whilst the Inner Circle is a grander concept than a “fishing forum” per se, I can see it succeeding where other online communities have failed.

I think there are two main reasons for people leaving fishing forums: they either outgrow them or find a better alternative. In the case of Fishotopia, the former is impossible: I can’t imagine any angler thinking there’s nothing to be gained from conversations with you two. One of the biggest differences between yourselves and lesser fishing writers is that you’re actually willing to volunteer the critical knowledge required to actually get immediate benefit. Your writings are always gold. As you continue to learn, we’ll continue to learn… and on and on indefinitely. I don’t think anyone’s going to outgrow Fishotopia!

Then there’s the chance of finding a superior alternative… for years, social media has eroded the user base of fishing forums, but it can’t compete with the Inner Circle when you guys also release quality, exclusive content!

Ryan Keith

Inner Circle member

Tips & Tricks From The Master

Did you know Starlo still sits in Australia’s top 50 cash winners on the Australian Bream Tournament circuit, despite not seriously competing for more than a decade?

More than a “dab-hand”, Starlo’s fishing mastery is legend. In the ‘90s, the international fishing community discovered him as the Rex Hunt phenomenon swept the globe. Suddenly, Starlo’s understanding of fish behaviour and fishing techniques were tested against new species and his insight grew even further.

With various World Records across diverse species and techniques, Starlo’s skill and knowledge are unquestionable.

In the Fisho’s Library, tucked away in the quiets of Starlo’s Inner Circle (the exclusive realm of our Premium Members), is an ever-expanding collection of Tip and Tricks, penned by Starlo himself.

We’ve categorised them into Beginners, Intermediates and 5 Percenters (being tips for those already incredibly good anglers who want to push through that last barrier and truly reach the pinnacle of their game).

No matter where you are in your fishing journey, there is always more to learn. No one is left behind in Fishotopia. There are tips and tricks for all, from how to use a landing net or a gaff, right through to advanced lure and fly presentation techniques.

And if you can’t find exactly what you need from Starlo, there’s always the collective Brains Trust of the Inner Circle itself! Can you imagine the breadth of fishing experience that is gathering behind that closed virtual door? Every member of Starlo’s Inner Circle gains access to “The Clubhouse” — our secret version of Facebook! Totally private, all members have their own wall and can post and share, ask and answer questions with confidence and build upon the knowledge base. They can also contribute their own experiences to Honey Holes and Hotspots, keeping that valuable resource even more contemporary.

Your invitation to participate.

As Jo always says, “every angler has more to learn and every angler has something to teach”. No matter where you are on fishing’s steep learning curve, there’s always someone ahead and behind. Fishotopia’s community is designed to leverage and enhance every member’s knowledge.

This gives every member of Starlo’s Inner Circle the opportunity to mentor and be mentored, in a safe, friendly, troll-free environment. We hope you’ll step up to the plate.

No more trawling the web for credible info.

There’s no denying that there are unimaginable hours of fishing viewing and ready on the web… most of it totally gratis. Some of it is even good! Most of it, sadly, is not. Not when you measure it against benchmarks of quality information, applicable instruction, storylines that hold your attention from beginning to end and (not or) intelligible language (written or spoken).

Someone always pays for quality content — it’s either you or an advertiser.

Statistics show that the modern internet user prefers to “say no” to advertising… we get that, TOTALLY! Further, surveys of Aussie anglers show that the thing we hate the most about modern fishing entertainment is the all-singing, all-dancing logos and perpetual advertorials that masquerade as TV shows. We hear you! That’s why all our sponsorship and advertising lives out in the FREE section! It’s only fair, right? When you pass through to the Premium Members area of Fishotopia, you are ad free! It’s fishing content as it should be… No ads, no in-ya-face logos and no gratuitous plugs.

Starlo’s Inner Circle is a refuge for those who want to save their browsing time for quality consumption, rather than searching. It’s also a creative outlet for Starlo! With no advertising allowed and all sponsored content living in the free domain of Fishotopia, Starlo’s Inner Circle is no-holds-barred information sharing, the way Starlo wants it… and you know that’s going to be good!

Starlo is a renowned storyteller, having published his first fishing article at the age of 15 years — you’d have to search a long time to find another fishing journalist (perhaps any journalist) with as strong a pedigree.

His combination of fishing, writing and on-screen talent is what has always held Starlo up as Australia’s favourite fishing communicator. Easy to read, flowing articles that are crammed with credible information are hard to find in this modern era. Now, you don’t have to waste your precious time trawling the Internet for them! Just visit Starlo’s Inner Circle. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always ask! That’s right… ask the man himself and always expect to get an answer, within a reasonable period of time.

Just Ask Starlo.

In fact, The Clubhouse in Starlo’s Inner Circle is the only place you can now get answers direct from Starlo, without attending one of his public engagements!

For the past decade, Starlo has been sharing his half-century of hard-won fishing expertise freely with keen anglers through his social media channels, answering all genuine questions as they came up and engaging one-on-one, whenever he was able. Now, that level of access is reserved only for his Inner Circle.

Give yourself an edge.

Limiting the number of people who have access to Starlo’s mentorship means that he can focus more generously on effectively addressing your questions. It also pays fair value to the immeasurable amount of time, resources and money that he’s invested to gain his unsurpassed expertise.

You can fast track your own fishing journey by joining Starlo’s Inner Circle. Spend your time and money being connected to fish by learning directly from the man himself… a Premium Membership for $50/year (+GST) is a much smaller investment than going it alone

PLUS you know you are gaining insights and mentoring that is not available to every Tom, Dick and Harriet on the internet… just the like-minded, extremely passionate, fishing addicted Toms, Dicks and Harriets who subscribe to Starlo’s Inner Circle..

Get more Aussies fishing.

Starlo and Jo are firm believers that modern recreational fishing has the capacity to solve many of our society’s ailments. Studies have shown that recreational fishing bridges the divide between generations and disparate social groups. It’s been used successfully as a vehicle to inspire disengaged youth to become more valuable members of their communities and its psychological and physical health benefits are very well documented.

Recreational fishing also invites humanity to engage with nature, learning about the environment and eco-systems as we learn about fishing. Genuinely good anglers develop an instinctive intuition and sense of custodianship for the waterways. Without such empathy, they cannot achieve their freakish fishing abilities that set them apart from the average fisher.

Being passionate about fishing often gets you into situations where non-fishers become intrigued by your adventures. It’s a real buzz when they’re hanging on every word and you can see that you’ve piqued their curiosity. Who can blame them, right?

If you’ve never taken others fishing yourself, though, the next step can be daunting! Leading a fishing group is a big responsibility. Aside from the safety aspect, you can expect to play “guide”, which means tackle prep, knot tying, de-snagging… let alone putting them on fish!

Put any anxiety aside with your Premium Membership. You will easily find all the skills and support you need to take your mates or your family fishing… you’ll be their guru!

The family that fishes together stays together.

Steve and Jo are committed to helping more Australians explore the benefits of our sport and Fishotopia is their flagship in this endeavour. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of fodder for the whole family, from Tips & Tricks for every skill level, to recipes and even kids’ puzzles and activities

There are also invitation-only, family-friendly events and get-togethers through the year, available only to Starlo’s Inner Circle.

How your membership contributes to the future of recreational fishing in Australia.

Your membership dollars help Starlo and Jo continue their work in the Australian recreational fishing sphere, educating, entertaining, championing the environment and sustainable fishing, as well and advocating with decision-makers for the betterment and certainty of our fishing future.

Starlo and Jo collectively donate entire months of their time every year to advancing recreational fishing all over the country, undertaking advocacy work, ambassadorships, mentoring, raising public awareness of the benefits of our sport, fighting political battles, influencing decision-makers, supporting charities and start-ups… you name it, if recreational fishing needs it, the Starlings are doing it.

As the modern era swings away from traditional media, the old income channels of the fishing world are drying up like the Murray-Darling (yep, they’re fighting for that too…). Your membership subscription with Fishotopia contributes to keeping these valuable influencers working for your sport.

It’s a genuine WIN/WIN/WIN… one for you, one for the Starlings, and one very important one for the future of recreational fishing in Australia! Come on, jump on board with us and share in this journey… We guarantee it will be quite a ride!

Fishotopia Is The Online Home Of Starlo & Jo, Australia’s Best-Loved Fishing Couple. It’s Also The Most Entertaining & Informative Online Hangout For Aussie Anglers. If You Can’t Be Fishing, There Is No Better Place To Be In The Known Fishoverse!