Introducing the NEW Halo20+ Radar

The Simrad Halo20+ Dome Radar is finally here. It delivers industry-leading 360-degree sweeps every second at close range, allowing you to avoid stationary and fast-moving targets. It also features high-quality short, mid and long-range detection, ensuring that targets can be seen vividly – even in the toughest environmental conditions.

The Halo 20+ Dome Radar has a range of up to 36NM. It’s the ultimate choice if you need a small radar that offers short to long-range detection.


NEW: Halo20 Radar

The new Halo20 Dome Radar is packed with features that enable you to see vividly up to 24NM. It’s the perfect radar if you need short and mid-range detection when you’re out in the water.

The Pulse Compression Halo20 is packed with features including easy user modes, MARPA tracking and InstantOn technology.