As one of two South Coast representatives on the RFNSW (Recreational Fishing Advisory Council of NSW), I had the privilege to travel to Coffs Harbour at the end of August for the tenth meeting of this sitting Council.

Symon Dworjanyn Associate Professor, Marine Ecology and Aquaculture at Southern Cross University, sheds light on the Blue Swimmer Crab research program.

Over the past two years, the fifteen representatives from across New south Wales have become good friends, as well as building a strong and effective team rapport. Our quarterly meetings are always inspiring and spirited, with lively and passionate debates about the state of recreational fishing and our fisheries.

Planning for the future —indeed, ensuring that recreational fishing is a part of the Australian future — is our mandate, all the while improving and protecting recreational fishing in the “here and now”.

At the end of this particular meeting, the Council was treated to a tour of the research facilities at Southern Cross University, where we found an excellent Visitor Centre (complete with astounding aquariums) and a solid array of research projects, some supported with funds from our Recreational Fishing Trust!

Research into the potential farming of export-quality urchins and the husbandry of various native species such as mangrove jack and blue swimmer crab for restocking purposes, were all of great interest to me… it made me wish I had a more scientific brain!

One of many valuable messages I found in the Visitors Centre at the SCU Campus at Coffs Harbour. A must see, if you're ever in town!
Any pet hate of mine (and any responsible, intelligent human) shared and explained in the Visitor Centre. Go SCU!

Incidentally, the RFNSW Council is also funded by the Recreational Fishing Trust, which is the repository for NSW Fishing Licence fees.

Having the opportunity to be so closely involved with the outcomes of our rec fishing licence fees has made me a HUGE supporter. Each and every Recreational Fishing Licence holder should be proud of the contribution they are making to fishing in NSW. You don’t have to take my word for it, though… it’s all online.

Click here to check out all the projects funded.

The minutes of this last Meeting have now be ratified and signed off by the Minister, so I can share them with you. You’ll find the link below… If you have a read, you’ll discover that there is a LOT going on behind the scenes in recreational fishing. It’s impossible to separate one priority from another, with every issue — be it land access, bio-security, infrastructure, stock levels, habitat, pollution, politics, etc. — being as imperative as the next. I am sure you’ll find it as interesting as I do.

‘Til next time…

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RFNSW meeting 10 outcomes