Xuron Split Ring Pliers

There are lots of split ring pliers on the market, but many of them don’t work too well. In my search for the ultimate in split ring pliers, I talked to Paul Kneller — one of Australia’s leading timber lure makers — and asked him what he uses in his workshop. Paul and his wife Cheryl fit more split rings and hooks in a week than you’re likely to handle in a lifetime, and they had no hesitation whatsoever in naming the American-made Xuron 496 as the absolute Rolls Royce of split ring pliers… They’re spot-on, too! These things are simply amazing, but they’re also not easy to find… So, I’ve located a supplier for you! Thank me later…

Featuring sturdy lap joint construction and a leaf spring, Xuron Split Ring Pliers are a specialised jeweller’s tool, but they work like no other split ring pliers when changing hardware on lures. With a non-slip Xuro-Rubber grip, they’re light in weight and dead easy to use with ALL split rings, down to the smallest sizes.

Made in the USA, these premium pliers are 5.25” (133mm) long, with tips that are just 2mm at their narrowest point. Nothing else works like these hard-to-find pliers! Click the link to order now.