Seaman Marine Cleaning Kit

There’s a lot more than pride or vanity involved in keeping you boat, kayak, jets ski, vehicle or fishing tackle clean and well-maintained. Looking after your equipment can greatly prolong its working life (saving you money), and also ensure that this gear performs at its peak and doesn’t let you down when you’re out there doing what you love most. 

This kind of regular, preventative maintenance is especially important in and around marine environments. Exposure to salt dramatically speeds up corrosion and the deterioration of metals and other materials. Being able to easily and safely dissolve and flush away salt deposits without damaging rubber seals, plastic parts, fishing line and so on is critically important. You need to develop an after-trip routine that works for you — and the right products to achieve it.

Seaman Marine is an Aussie company that specialises in truly effective salt-busting and grime removing formulations for all fishing and boating applications, as well as all the fittings you’ll need to make using them a breeze. Best of all, they also assemble all the bits you’ll need for the job in attractively packaged and competitively priced kits.

The Seaman Marine “Love Me, Buff Me” Seaman Squirter Package (true story!) is the ultimate maintenance and cleaning kit for any proud boat, kayak, jet ski or vehicle owner. This premium kit contains everything you need to bust and remove salt, lift away grime, and keep your pride and joy gleaming and performing at peak level… Fair dinkum, I absolutely love this stuff! I use it on my boat, kayaks, 4WD, fishing rods, slide-on camper, camping gear and just about everything else that gets regularly exposed to the elements.

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Kit Contents: 
1 x Seaman Marine Wash Bucket
1 x Seaman Squirter 
1 x Wash Mitt With Integrated Grime Remover
1 x “Large & In-Charge” Microfibre Towel
1 x 1 litre Saltwash Concentrate (choose extra litres from drop-down menu)