Resin Head Jigs

Sometimes, when you’re fishing with soft plastics, you could really use a jig head that’s made from a material lighter than lead or a lead alloy. This is especially the case when targeting super-spooky fish in shallow, clear water, or when the fish you’re chasing are holding higher in the water column and you don’t want your lure to sink past them too quickly.

Back in the day, Bushy and I designed a small range of Resin Head Jigs for the original Squidgies line-up. These enjoyed a small but very loyal following among a band of switched-on “finesse fishers”. Unfortunately, they were discontinued as Shimano moved away from making jig heads and nothing similar has been available for years — until now, that is!

These days, my son Tom Starling 3D-prints and hand-assembles a limited range of new, improved Resin Head Jigs that are built on wickedly sharp Gamakatsu hooks and fitted with the original Squidgies-style wire keeper. Tom is currently making small runs of these Starlotackle Resin Heads in two hook sizes (#1 and 3/0) and a small selection of very attractive colours… Best of all, for a strictly limited time, Tom’s now offering an amazing 15% discount on all orders! (Please note, this discount is only on the product component of any order, not postage and packaging.)

If you or someone you know chases bream, bass, estuary perch, flathead, trout or a bunch of other species in tricky situations where a stealthy splash-down, a slow sink rate and an extended “hang time” in the water column can be beneficial, you really need a few packs of these in your kit. But hurry! This discount offer ends 7 October and some colours and sizes will run out well before then. Simply click the button here to order and add the discount code STARLO15 at check out. Tight Lines!

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