The Ikipik

We all love a meal or two of fresh, self-caught seafood, but we also want to ensure that our catch is killed as quickly and humanely as possible, and that the flesh will be tasty and nutritious when consumed. The Japanese method of brain spiking known as iki jime ticks all these boxes! 

Iki jime brain spiking kills fish instantly, stopping lactic acid build-up in the muscle tissue and causing blood to pool in the kidney area, along the top of the gut cavity, rather than remaining in the flesh. As well as being humane, fish spiked in this way keep better and are much tastier than those allowed to flap about and die slowly.

Using the Australian-designed Ikipik is the safest, easiest and most ethical way to kill your catch… Fast! The Ikipik features a super-sharp, 316 marine-grade stainless steel spike with a protective cover, mounted in a highly visible, robust, BPA plastic easy-grip handle with in-built bottle opener and lanyard attachment. The contoured handle fits perfectly into rod holders on boats and kayaks, too (point down), making it easily accessible when needed.

The IkiPik is a superior, highly visible, safe, easy-to-use iki jime device which penetrates rapidly through the fish’s skull to ensure a quick end to your catch and longer lasting fillets for you and your family. It works great as an ice pick, too, with the large grip protecting your fingers… Pick the ice, not your hands!

PS: To determine the exact location of the brain in every common species of fish likely to be encountered, refer to the Ikijime Tools app.

Watch me put my Ikipik to good use in this video…