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I’m not exactly sure why I am writing this post. I like reading other posts. And it’s fun to contribute.

I’m definitely sick of watching and listening to the news at the moment.

Fishotopia’s Inner Circle is an awesome place to sponge up some knowledge from fellow fish heads… Little bits of gold all over the place. Real people sharing good stuff.

I’d like to thank everyone for all their photos and knowledge sharing. With so much going on in the world at present it is great to jump on The Wall and drift off a bit. Big thanks to admin for keeping the fire burning through what has been some very testing times.

Daniel Thoms

Inner Circle Member



Stuck at home, wishin’ you were fishin’? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
We might not be able to help you get out on the water, but we can help you fill the hours.


Make Wooden Lures with Doc Lures

Making lures is fun. It’s satisfying. It’s therapeutic. It’s your ticket to an endless supply of custom lures. And it’s just the beginning. Click Here to find articles, resources & products to help you make your own wooden lures. Discover more here.

12 Day Beginners Crankbait Making Course

Did you know that simple, easy to make crankbaits can out-fish commercial lures. You don’t need fancy tools or special materials and you don’t need to be a master craftsman. Anyone can make their own crankbaits. Click here to find out more.


Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit

Easy instructions with everything needed to tie hundreds of different flies, including vice & tools. Includes Wapsi Booklet PLUS BONUS Aussie fly tying book — Pursuit of Fly Tying by George Rowney (valued at $30) $220 including postage. Days of fun for everyone!  

Tan Shrimp Fly Tying Kit

This saltwater shrimp tying kit contains all the materials that renowned fly tier, Brett Clarke, uses to tie various shrimp patterns for bream & flathead in Shallow water, & estuary perch in general. Kit makes up to 18 flies. Buy your kit here.


Epic Ready to Wrap™ Fly Rod Building Kits

First timer or seasoned professional, the Epic Ready to Wrap™ Fly Rod Building Kits make building a quality fly rod simple. Each kit contains all the components, glues, rod finish & instructions you’ll need to build your own, unique custom Epic fly rod. Find out more here.

Exclusive Tackle’s Rod Building Tutorials

This series of short tutorials shows you how to build a fishing rod using nothing more than Exclusive Tackle’s Rod building start up kit and their 2-4kg Estuary Rod Kit. These videos explain how to get you started easily, without over complicating things. Get Started.


Getting Ahead Of Cod Season

Have you ever looked at your stung-up spinnerbaits & marvelled at the wizardry used to put them together? In this video, Luben Pfeiffer shatters the mystery with a simple demonstration of how it’s done. Keep your eye out for his nifty, home-made hook-keeper trick.  Watch Now

Starlo’s Squidgabin

Why not take the opportunity to pimp up some plastics?! Here’s a great little vid we’ve dug up from the archives that will help you do just that… whilst very few of you will have any Squidgy Lobbies left, this great tweak will work on any of your nippered plastics, giving extra flutter & appeal on the drop, along with life-like eyes while they rest on the bottom. Rig these lightly, to maximise time in the water column 😉  WATCH RIGHT HERE!


How Weather Factors Affect Fishing

Because fish have a drastically different anatomy to us, atmospheric conditions — even the lunar cycle — that have little direct effect on humans can actually have a huge effect on fish. Our favourite weather app, Fish Ranger, has excellent information on this.  Start studying up now.

Build Your Bucket List with IGFA

The International Game Fishing Association has a fantastic database on the worlds game fish, with gorgeous illustrations & easy-to-read species information. Spend some time researching exotic additions to your fishing bucket list. Check it out…


Fish Flicks

All Your Favourite Fishing Shows, ad free & in HD! From Rex Hunt to ET to Fishing Addiction to Big Angry Fish… Fish Flicks has you covered. Subscribe for the full menu, or simply enjoy the hours of free content on offer. Available on all devices… anywhere… anytime. FIND OUT MORE.

2019 ARFF National Rec Fishing Conference

It’s almost as good as being there yourself. Watch every session & panel discussion from the 2019 National Rec Fishing Conference — Our Fishing. Our Research. Our Recreational Future. Discover the importance of fishers engagement in research. CLICK HERE

Starlo Gets Reel

Starlo Gets Reel is Starlo’s personal video channel, designed to bring you the latest in recreational fishing news, information, tackle tests, reviews, tips and opinions from one of Australia’s most respected angling communicators. Check out the free content here.

When The River Runs Dry

In January 2019, videos of grown men near Menindee weeping as they held decades old Murray Cod that perished in the green oxygen starved soup that is all that remained of the Darling River went viral. This doco resulted… AVAILABLE UNTIL 25 APRIL.  WATCH NOW

Specialist Murray Cod DVD Series

Sit on the edge of your seat as cod are caught casting banks, fishing vertical timber & working/jigging the flats. This action-packed series features breathtaking scenery, location intel & a dash of humour. Buy 3x Googong DVD pack or Green & Gold On The Road by itself. Find out more here.

Total Native II

Murray Cod & Golden Perch are the dominant predators of Australia’s inland waterways. Join Rob Paxevanos on an epic fishing adventure that’ll transport you to deep gorges, open rivers, vast impoundments & monstrous fish! WATCH NOW or BUY DVD

Delve Into The Art Of Blackfishing

Check out this AMAZING doco’ on the “humble art” of blackfishing! This production was previously only available for purchase, but the good folks behind it have now made it accessible for free to help keep fishers entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic. Great work… & a great watch! Watch it here.


Australian Lure Fishing Podcast

ALF is an audio podcast with one goal: Connecting Listeners With More Fish! In each episode, your host, Doc Lures, probes top lure fishers for their secrets to catching Australia’s iconic sporting fish, leaving no stone unturned in his “Mission to improve your fishin”. Subscribe now & get every episode!


NAFA Magazine — Digital Issues

Want your NAFA wherever, whenever & for less?
Subscribing to NAFA Digital takes no time & saves you money. In fact, if you take up an annual subscription, it’s better than half price! Get more info here or subscribe through your app store. Search NAFA Magazine.

Spooled Magazine

Produced purely as a digital publication, Spooled takes a fresh approach to delivering your fishing fix – it’s a fishing mag… but not as you know it. In a world where smartphones, tablets & laptops rule, Spooled goes with the flow.  START READING NOW.

Tight Lines Immersive Magazines

These are unlike any fishing magazine you’ve seen before. Each features one super-sized exposé on one topic, drilling as deeply into the how-to’s & species knowledge as possible, helping you become the best angler you can be. These are FREE to Inner Circle members, but if you’d rather just purchase them, go here.


Confluence Collective Colouring Sheets

Confluence Collective has released a few pages of their colouring book early so families with kids at home (or adults with a glass of wine & some anxiety to deal with) can colour in ecosystems & fish species. OK… so it’s American, but it’s gorgeous, educational & a fantastic resource. Download free pages here.

Fishotopia’s Kids’ Corner

Fill the hours with some good old-fashioned fun. Every code, quiz, maze, puzzle & creative activity in this section is full of fishing education & there’s something for every age & interest. Hours of fun for all! CLICK HERE!

Don’t Fish Out The Lake!

Here’s an online game from The Cloud Institute For Sustainability Education, who prepare learning materials about a sustainable future. This game lets you get paid to fish, but it’s as much for rec fishers as commercials. You’ll need to activate Flash Player to play. Play now.


A charming short game about a wombat & a very hot Australian summer, featuring enchanting graphics. The player follows a sleepy wombat who spends its day exploring & foraging, while in search for a new home. It’ not fishing, but who cares! Only for iPhone & iPad. $5.99

How To Make Cool Moving Paper Fish

Here’s a link to a page on Facebook that takes kids’ paper craft to a new level. Have fun combining projects… there’s a funky activity that makes caterpillars that crawl! Why not make fish AND caterpillars for everyone in the family, then race the caterpillars to feed your fish? Check it out on Facebook


How To Change Trailer Wheel Bearings

Here’s a simple, step by step video, showing you how to replace your trailer’s wheel bearings… something every boat owner should know. They don’t last forever & they’re more likely to fail when you’re away from home than tinkering in the garage.

How To service Your Spin Reel

Ryan Moody runs through how to give your spin reels a good once-over, so they’re good to go when you next hit the water.

Watty’s One Minute Monday Tips

Every Monday, our good mate, Glenn “Watty” Watt of Barefoot Fishing Safaris posts a one-minute handy maintenance tip. Now, to help us keep everyone active and stimulated through lock down, he’s posting them up to YouTube. Get On The Fast Track Now!


National Recreational Fishing Survey

Past studies have examined much money rec fishers contribute to the economy, & what drives us to fish. This year, we’re asking you to think not only about how much you spend on fishing, but also its impact on your health & wellbeing, & how fishing contributes to your social life. Find out more.

Victorian Rivers Crossword Puzzle

Like crosswords & reckon you know Victoria’s rivers? Then make a cuppa & have a crack at this! You can do it online, on the phone or print it out & do it with housemates. Big thanks to the Victorian Fisheries Authority for this one. CLICK HERE!