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It’s hard to know where to look for a quality conversation amongst all the clutter on social media these days, isn’t it? We want to make it as easy as possible for you, so here are a number of places you can find us—you just need to choose your subject. For those who are unfamiliar with our network, here’s a quick overview: StarloFishing  is Steve “Starlo” Starling’s public platform where you’ll find product reviews and some teaser content that shows the calibre of entertainment and information that hides within Starlo’s Inner Circle.  You’ll find an RSS feed from the public Facebook page in the sidebar, along with an RSS feed from his blogsite below; Jo Starling’s Fly Gear Gap Year page on Facebook also feeds in below; and finally, the latest from Starlo’s Instagram feed tips in as well.

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    “Sky is falling” prophecies of imminent doom-and-gloom, accompanied by over-the-top shut-downs of recreational fishing activity… Unfortunately, these both appear to be a growing part of the playbooks of our state governments and their fisheries management bureaucracies these days. In case you missed it, some remarkable and very alarming news has emerged from Western Australia in […]
    The on-line publication of an ABC News item on 14 June, 2021, marked the first time most of us had heard about a startling new assessment concerning the depletion of Spanish mackerel stocks along the eastern seaboard of Australia. According to this news report, a meeting of the East Coast Spanish Mackerel Working Group in […]
My Fly Gear Gap Year — facebook
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling

people often ask me whether My Floggy was worthwhile... it's been a while since I posted, but this video from Starlo Gets Reel on YouTube shows where I'm at today. So, you tell me... 😉

My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
In the 1980s, '90s and early 2000s, Arthurs Lake in the Tasmanian Central Highlands was the state's premier trout water. But its fishing fortunes declined ra...
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling

Couple of chunks from the Native Watercraft yesterday 🙂 in such good nick! Exhilarating, torrid battle to get them out of their lairs, long enough to get both back on the reel. Thank goodness for the direct drive propeller on my ‘yak!!!

My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling

In this uncertain times, a little compassion goes a very long way. Here is a little compassion exercise that I hope can help calm the fraught souls who a struggling…

My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
In this uncertain times, a little compassion goes a very long way. Here is a little compassion exercise that I hope can help calm the fraught souls who a struggling…
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Tight Lines  is our signature magazine, media rich and loaded with detail. Think one mega-length, ultimate Starlo article per issue, with more intel than any magazine will ever provide… and you’re starting to get the picture. Available only to our Inner Circle  premium members, with a preview outline published in our FREE newsletter, Fishotopian.

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If you’re happy with more generalised content that’s free to everyone, then the general Fishotopia community (that’s where you are, right now) is definitely the place for you. Drop in here to see the RSS feeds from Starlo and Jo’s various blogs and social channels (or click on the buttons at the top of the page), but there is so much more  going on… all the time!

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