honey holes & hot spots


Fishotopia is a brilliant concept with a legitimately exciting future. Whilst the Inner Circle is a grander concept than a “fishing forum” per se, I can see it succeeding where other online communities have failed.

I think there are two main reasons for people leaving fishing forums: they either outgrow them or find a better alternative. In the case of Fishotopia, the former is impossible: I can’t imagine any angler thinking there’s nothing to be gained from conversations with you two. One of the biggest differences between yourselves and lesser fishing writers is that you’re actually willing to volunteer the critical knowledge required to actually get immediate benefit. Your writings are always gold. As you continue to learn, we’ll continue to learn… and on and on indefinitely. I don’t think anyone’s going to outgrow Fishotopia!

Then there’s the chance of finding a superior alternative… for years, social media has eroded the user base of fishing forums, but it can’t compete with the Inner Circle when you guys also release quality, exclusive content!

Ryan Keith

Inner Circle member