Fishotopia’s Great Aussie Fishing Dash is a one-day, nationwide tournament exclusively open to members of Starlo’s Inner Circle of Fishotopia. Members pay NO additional entry fees to compete.

The regions for the competition are the same five geographic regions used for the monthly bite predictions in our Aussie Anglers’ Almanac (see map) and competitors chase either three or four target species for each region.

On Sunday, 1 December, 2019, you’ll have the chance to chase those nominated species, photograph your catches on a commercially-manufactured measuring mat and upload your entries (limited to ONE of each nominated species in each region) onto The Clubhouse Wall of the Inner Circle (our safe, private version of social media). All entries must be uploaded by midnight on Sunday 1 December (Australian Eastern Summer Time) to be eligible for consideration.

The winner in each geographic region will be decided via a unique point scoring system that aims to create a “level playing field” by equating a 45 cm (fork length) bream with a metre-long flathead or a 1.5 m mulloway! Each regional winner will be selected on the basis of their combined score in the region they choose to fish, thereby rewarding versatility and skill. The winner won’t necessarily be the angler who catches the single most impressive fish of a particular species in their region, but more likely the person who can account for two or more reasonable specimens from the eligible list.

 For rules, prizes and more information, please visit