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Check out Starlo’s fishing insights, trade how-to’s, and considered views on the products and services that he’s put to the test.

The world of recreational fishing is an often complex beast, when you look behind the scenes. As a sitting member of the Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council, Jo Starling has her finger on the pulse. This is where she shares her insights from that world, plus her fun fishing exploits.

Taking a year off conventional tackle to focus purely on getting a grip on fly gear is a brave call, in any passionate angler’s book. Share the journey, ups and downs, as Jo Starling immerses herself in all things fly.

The Barra’Prentice is a ladies fishing team, established for the purpose of mentoring one lucky lady angler each year, from beginner to self-sufficient. Follow each year’s “Prentice” as they work their way to the ultimate proving ground… the Secret Womens Business Barra Challenge, on Corroboree Billabong in the Top End.

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