WELCOME to the home of The Barra’Prentice — a unique mentoring program for female anglers.

The Barra’Prentice Story
The Barra’Prentice concept has grown over many years, discussed over cast lines and swilled wines by two mates with a shared passion for fishing.
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The Main Ingredients
Both avid anglers accomplished in all forms of line fishing, Vicki & Jo are dedicated to the growth of women in Australian recreational fishing. The pastime takes women out of stereotypical roles, teaches self-reliance & survival skills whilst immersing them in nature. Fresh air, sunshine, water, good company & self-development are powerful tonics against the stress of the modern world… they’re also the main ingredients of fishing.
Starting With A Checklist
In 2017, Jo & Vicki decided to formalise their concept, drafting the skill set list that guides their mentoring efforts each year. These include everything from knot tying & lure selection, through trailer backing & boat driving & eventually to casting accuracy & even fly!
A Gauntlet At Our Feet
The mentoring culminates in the team competing in the annual Secret Womens Business Barra Challenge, held on the Northern Territory’s picturesque Corroboree Billabong in September each year.
A Supported Quest
This project is generously supported by Mako Polarised Eyewear, Litchfield Tropical Retreat, Curby’s NT, Banyan Farm Tourist Park, Barefoot Fishing Safaris, Vault Property Management, Fishotopia.com, Jo Starling Creative and StarloFishing, without whom the girls could not achieve their goals.

’Prentice 2022

Amy Starling

Amy Starling

2022 Barra’Prentice

Amy is an avid adventurer and has been following The Barra’Prentice since before it found it’s name… she’s the daughter of legendary Aussie Angler, Steve “Starlo” Starling… which begss the question: Why does Amy need our mentorship? Here’s the thing… growing up with Starlo as a doting Dad, Amy fished a lot, but Dad smothered her with love by doing everything for her. Know the story? For years, Amy has pestered us to teach her to be a self-sufficient angler… watch her step up to that mark at this years SWB Barra Challenge!

Read Amy’s Alumni Profile here.


Barra’Prentice Alumni forms new tournament team.

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RTBroughton Lures

Ray Broughton is a living legend amongst Australian lure designers, famous for the RTB Legend Lures and his signature “Shimmy”. The RTB Legends became famous in the 1990s for catching Murray cod on Lake Mulwala and were popular with professional and recreational fishermen alike.

In 2020, Ray rediscovered his passion for designing and crafting timber lures that are attractive to look at, swim perfectly and — most importantly — attract and catch a large variety of fish. 

Mako Polarised Eyewear

We believe Mako make the best polarised fishing sunglasses on the market and once you put them on your own nose, we know you’ll see things our way.

We see the major point of difference in Makos over their competition being that the owners of Mako are optometric professionals who LOVE TO FISH! They know our needs, because they are anglers tool

Professional Plant Solutions

Georgi Saunders, proprietor of Professional Plant Solutions, is The Barra’Prentice back-up mentor. Her love of fishing is to be expected, coming from a long line of Aussie anglers, so it’s no surprise that she is so keen to support our efforts to encourage more women into our sport.

Professional Plant Solutions is a plant brokerage service, sourcing soft landscaping needs for Australia’s best landscape and architectural designers. Georgi’s reputation for quality has seen her participate in realising the green space visions of A-listers, including Cate Blanchett and the growing number of Rick Stein’s Bannisters Restaurants.

Conveyancing By Karen

Conveyancing By Karen helps with the buying and selling of all types of property, from houses and apartments to rural land and commercial and industrial sites. With more than 20 years of local conveyancing experience, you can be confident in their professional advice and guidance…

“Karen made the whole process from start to finish so easy. With a good use of technology, signing of documents was simple and Karen provided clear advice and explanation throughout each step. She was quick to respond to my queries and I have found Karen to be knowledgeable and very professional in the world of conveyancing. I highly recommend Karen to assist you with your conveyancing needs.”
~ Rochelle Scott

Litchfield Tropical Retreat

Discover the leafiest, most private get-away on the outskirts of Litchfield National Park. Litchfield Tropical Retreat is a huge, well-appointed elevated home, boasting three bedrooms, two private balconies, separate lounge and dining, plus a spa! All just a 40 minute drive from Buley Rock Holes (our fave).

Available for short-term stays.

Manning River Marine

Manning River Marine have been providing marine sales and servicing to boaters and fishers of the NSW north coast and beyond for over 25 years. With a belief that their customers’ needs are of utmost importance, it’s no surprise that most of their clientele is repeat custom.

Their commitment to our fishing community was made clear when they approached our team with an offer to sponsor each new ’Prentice! Now THAT is demonstrable support of rec’ fishing, from the ground up!

Outback Boat Hire

Do as we do! Kick back with Outback Boat Hire NT when you plan your Top End quest… their fleet is made up of modern plate aluminium, boats for fishing and pleasure. All boats are side console, providing plenty of floor space and a stable fishing platform.

They even offer quality fishing gear rods and reels, handlines, crab and cherabin pots… and a launch and retrieval service on prior request! 

This is the perfect starting point for those who wish to start planning their FIFO Top End adventure!

Barefoot Fishing Safaris

Glenn ‘Watty’ Watt has been a mad keen fisho ever since he could hold a rod and always dreamed of being able to go fishing every day for a job, so after years of following his rod whilst traveling around Australia and the world, he made commitment to follow his dream.

Having fishing as a day job has not diminished Watty’s passion, which rubs off on his clients. That’s why we choose to fish with him each year.

Hell Yeah Chatterbaits

Steve Hamilton from Hell Yeah is an innovative thinker. His weedless chatterbaits with their hand-thumping swing tail have been a game-changer for Murray cod fishers. Now, Team Barra’Prentice are working with Hell Yeah to see if the game changes for barra.

The unique  Hell Yeah design allows anglers to fish structure with greater confidence, knowing that the tail beats strongly on the drop and thumps on the wind.

Trelly’s Outdoors

If you’re into fishing Victorian waters, you shouldn’t short-change yoourself. Make sure you’re subscribed to Trelly’s fishing reports to stay updated with all the good oil on what’s hot and what’s not. Those who know, know 😉

Curby’s NT

Everything your team or comp could need, all in the one spot! Curby’s has been the “go-to” name for trophies in the Top End for decades… now, they’re fast becoming known for their sublimated sportswear too.

If you have need for sublimated team wear — like we do — give them a call. They are wholly Australian owned and only use Australian made fabrics. All sewing is done in Darwin, too!

Support the businesses that support Australia.

Secret Womens Business Barra Challenge

Find out more about this unique tournament, established to provide a nurturing environment for women to build their fishing skills to the point of self-sufficiency.

They’re not our sponsors, but we’d love you to check them out anyway!

Barra’Prentice Gets Sister Team

Barra’Prentice Gets Sister Team

Not only does The Barra’Prentice program build self-reliant and empowered female anglers, it also builds strong bonds between team mates. At the end of every program, we find it very hard to cut the bow lines and set our newly graduated ’Prentice adrift. That’s why...

2019 Barra’Prentice Diary

2019 Barra’Prentice Diary

The 2019 Barra’Prentice year has come to a close, but it will never be forgotten. Never before has there been a Barra’Prentice like Nadia “Nadz” Taylor! Nadz has overcome more obstacles than any ’Prentice before her and shared her entire journey with anyone who was...

Nadia Taylor — Exit Interview 2019

Nadia Taylor — Exit Interview 2019

2019 was the year of curve balls, but everything has a funny way of turning out how it should and the resulting journey has been epic! The 2019 Barra’Prentice was Nadia “Nadz” Taylor, and effervescent and contagiously enthusiastic IP lawyer from Sydney. Many have...

Barra’Prentice Mentor, Jo Starling, Spills The ’Toga Beans

Barra’Prentice Mentor, Jo Starling, Spills The ’Toga Beans

The Australian Lure Fishing podcast has burst onto the Aussie angling scene with great gusto, quickly gathering momentum and igniting vibrant conversation in the rec’ fishing community. If you haven’t discovered it yet, let us borrow from Aussie icon Ian ‘Molly’...

Georgi Saunders — Following Fishing To Happiness

Georgi Saunders — Following Fishing To Happiness

In 2019, circumstances have forced regular Barra’Prentice mentor, Vicki Lear, out of her role, so we have a new recruit! Georgi Saunders is an accomplished angling all-rounder who’s generously accepted our invitation to join our mentoring team and, once you’ve read...

Stacey Kellett — Exit Interview 2018

Stacey Kellett — Exit Interview 2018

2018 was a memorable year for Team Barra'Prentice, with 'Prentice Stacey Kellett chalking up many “firsts”, from leaving her children behind for a bit of “Stacey-time”, to confronting scary things... like booking a plane ticket and CROCS! Stacey took some time out at...