Nadia "Nadz" Taylor is the 2019 Barra'Prentice. Here are her responses to our entrance interview questions. When did you start fishing? I started fishing when at about 6 with a hand line. What/who inspired you to pick up the rod? After a long period reminiscing about fishing when I was a kid , my partner (now husband) encouraged me to fish again when we first started dating. He bought me my first fishing rod for our first Christmas together , and the rest is history. What kind of fishing do you do? We mainly do estuary fishing or blue water fishing with soft plastics. In your opinion, what’s the best thing about fishing? The best thing about fishing is both the serenity of being close to nature and on the water , as well as the unbeatable thrill you get when there is something on your line! What’s at the top of your fishing bucket-list? I would absolutely LOVE to catch a metre + Flathead. Also , now I have this opportunity as the Barra’Prentice , id love to make my team proud and reel in many Barra , and /or an absolute monster! If you could only learn one thing as The Barra’Prentice, what would it be? Learning all the knots and rigs needed for a lifetime of successful fishing. How will this year change things for you? By being The Barra’Prentice it will change me from being a passionate fisher woman into a self sufficient fishing nut. What’s your favourite fishing memory? Definitely when I fished for barramundi for a day in Coburg NT. It was a hot and hard days fishing casting in the mangroves over and over and the first time I’d ever used a baitcaster. Everyone else on the boat but I had caught Barra , and I remember the elation of finally hooking up and pulling up my first ever Barramundi! It really was a day that I’ll remember forever.