Recreational fishing is Australia’s heritage. It’s intrinsically woven into the fabric of our culture. When you think about it, it has the power to heal many of our society’s woes… but you have to THINK about it. 

Not only does it get us off our butts, away from our screens and back into the wilds, it teaches us about ecosystems, their fragility and our place in them, as both predator and protector. It teaches us empathy, as well as humility — and much, much more… when you think about it.

~Jo Starling, co-founder of Fishotopia.


National Recreational Fishing Conference 2019

National Recreational Fishing Conference 2019

IMAGE: A sailfish is held by the side of the boat, ready to be tagged as part of Australia’s tagging program, undertaken by fishers. Image courtesy of Tim Simpson, Bluewater Magazine. © Tim Simpson, Bluewater Magazine. www.bluewatermag.com.au National Conference to...

Gap-titude Test

Gap-titude Test

  Have you heard “The Church Of The Wandering Stream”, a song by Ben Winship and David Thompson? I’ve been singing it a lot lately. Nature is a wonderful mentor and, if there were such a church, she’d be its highest deity. This past month has been extremely uplifting...

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Starlo's Fishotopia
Starlo's Fishotopia

A very cool Facebook memory from a year ago...




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  • A Dry Argument March 2, 2019
    Below is my editorial from the February 2019 “Fishotopian” newsletter. To subscribe to these free monthly newsletters from Fishotopia.com, please click here. Unless you’ve been overseas or off grid for the past few months, you’ll have seen coverage of catastrophic fish kills in outback NSW, especially along the Darling River near Menindee. The scale of […]
    On 15 January, 2019, I received some very exciting news from NSW DPI Fisheries. It seems that a large dusky flathead I tagged and fin-clipped for DNA analysis on 16th October, 2018 had recently been recaptured and re-released. The fish measured 84.5 cm when I caught it in mid-October, in the lower reaches of Tuross […]
My Fly Gear Gap Year — facebook
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling

How beautiful is this? Currawong Lakes is simply stunning. The guide in this video is Roger Butler of Red Tag Trout Tours. If you followed my Fly Gear Gap Year, you'd have enjoyed some insights from Roger on the odd occasion... and this is one...

My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling

Snuck off to Eucumbene through the week. There’s something very peculiar about crunching along the surface of what is normally (in contemporary times) the floor of a lake! Plenty of fish around and I was lucky to land one just as some other anglers walked...

My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling

Do you shake your fist and Huey when he blows, then throw your rod in the corner and sulk? That was certainly me at the start of My Fly Gear Gap Year! I'm not going to suggest that I can now take on all wind...

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