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It’s hard to know where to look for a quality conversation amongst all the clutter on social media these days, isn’t it? We want to make it as easy as possible for you, so here are a number of places you can find us—you just need to choose your subject. For those who are unfamiliar with our network, here’s a quick overview: StarloFishing  is Steve “Starlo” Starling’s public platform where you’ll find product reviews and some teaser content that shows the calibre of entertainment and information that hides within Starlo’s Inner Circle.  You’ll find an RSS feed from the public Facebook page in the sidebar, along with an RSS feed from his blogsite below; Jo Starling’s Fly Gear Gap Year page on Facebook also feeds in below; and finally, the latest from Starlo’s Instagram feed tips in as well.

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Read (below) what some of Fishotopia's "Inner Circle" nembers have been saying about our latest edition of Tight Lines: a 34-page flip magazine with embedded video links showcasing the hottest new techniques for targeting really BIG flathead. (Available exclusively via

“Excellent! Great focused article rounded out with ecological concerns to give the angler a true perspective on how amazing it is to catch one of these ‘unicorns’!”
— Henk P.

“Great article with some very interesting strategies… I particularly enjoyed reading the chapter on handling the fish… Also liked the links to videos throughout the article!”
— Andy H.

“Great write-up on the oversize flathead Starlo! I am looking forward to adjusting my technique…”
— Jarrad S.

“Excellent article Steve Starling... Can’t wait to upgrade my PB!”
— Chris H.

“Love the flattie article! Making some rigs up as we speak.”
— Luke C.

“Nice article Starlo!”
— Greg V.

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So, with the NSW Government today scrapping the fishing lockout areas planned for the new marine park stretching from Newcastle to Wollongong, I think the nation's fishers need to band together now and show the world just how much we love our passionate pastime, and what wonderful custodians of the aquatic environment we can all be. What better way to do that than to get out on the water and actually go FISHING on Gone Fishing Day (Sunday 14th October)? Who's with me? Let's turn the government's very own promotional initiative into a massive display of peaceful, purposeful people power! There are lots of events already organised (go to to find out more), but let's plan some more!Sunday 14 October 2018 is NSW Gone Fishing Day! Watch this short video for details on how you and your family can take part in fun fishy activities at free D... ... See MoreSee Less

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    The fastest way to make fisherfolk angry is to attempt to stop them from going fishing, or to deny them access to popular, productive and accessible locations without some very, very good reasons. One state government in Australia is finding this out right now! In late August this year, the NSW State Government released phase […]
  • Hunting Tasmanian Tigers February 23, 2018
    Most anglers love catching a new species, and that thrill is magnified when it’s a rare or unusual variety, such as the stunningly-marked, hard-fighting tiger trout. While I was in Tasmania last November shooting a couple of episodes of my new “A Fisherman’s Life” television series (exclusive to, I was lucky enough to re-visit […]
My Fly Gear Gap Year — facebook
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling2 weeks ago

Finally moved the Floggy Blog to it's permanent home! Full Garry MacDonald interview now available, with an interview with the gorgeous Bretto Wilson tipping in later this month!!!

My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling4 weeks ago

Better check the diary!

My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling
My Fly Gear Gap Year - Jo Starling2 months ago

Ahhh... the days before the ACL went schnap [sigh]

Tassie trout streams are simply the BEST!

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